Themed Rounds

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1. Group spends 9 hourse returning jewellery

2. 4 New Yorkers get stranded on a tropical island and one of them tries to turn it into a party when he gets high and has a really bad case of the munchies

3. The big bad guy kills the main bad guy because he failed to kill their bad guy who was almost killed trying to kill a bad guy.

4. A large bearded man abducts 11 year old boy, says he's special and wants to teach him magic

5. A son motorboats his mom while the sister rides her. Then there is a little family bondage. Finally the whole thing culminates in the dad assisting with some big black penetration.

6. The one where Jennifer Aniston lost her man in front of the world

7. Grumpy emo chick decides whether to shag a corpse or a dog over several year

8. Stylish black guy shows nerd how to spend less time online and get a girlfriend.

9. Everybody tries the ice bucket challenge

10. Talking frog convinces son to kill his dad

11. A guy that's alone in the forest kisses a dead body while 7 other guys watch



1. Lord of the Rings

2. Madagascar

3. Bourne Identity

4. Harry Potter

5. The Incredibles

6. Mr and Mrs Smith

7. Twilight

8. Hitch

9. Titanic

10. Star Wars

11. Snow White and the 7 Dwarves