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1 Which cheese is used in a Tiramisu?

2 Which animal can be seen hidden in the logo for ‘Toblerone’ chocolate?

3 ‘Saint-Joseph's-wort’ is another name for which herb, often used to garnish pizzas?

4 A Black Russian cocktail is coffee liqueur with which other alcohol?

5 “First you twist it, then you lick it, then you dunk it” is the instructions for which food product?

6 Who replaced Mary Berry as a judge on the ‘Great British Bake Off’?

7 What type of fruit is a Damson: A)Cherry, B)Apple, C)Plum?

8 Which Burger King product contains more calories; the Whopper or the plant based Rebel Whopper?

9 Which nuts are used to make Pesto?

10 Which animals milk is used to make Manchego cheese?



1 Mascarpone Cheese

2 A bear

3 Basil

4 Vodka

5 Oreo

6 Prue Leith

7 C)Plum

8 Whopper

9 Pine nuts

10 Sheep